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ABOUT US: The company you call when you’re ready to take control of your circumstances.

                                 We are the Profit Professionals , and Turn Around Specialists.

We are certified Business Coaches, Business Consultants, and Executive coaches. The reason we stared our business is because we want to work and assist aspiring entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, self-employed Service Professionals and Executives who have been in business for several years or as a start-up and are feeling like a servant to their business, they’re spinning their wheels and are overwhelmed by all their responsibilities. Together we look at ways to leverage your business, and increase your bottom line so that you live a life of more joy, balance and less stress.


Allow us to assist you in taking a giant leap toward success, while achieving all of your business and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible, and to reach your highest potential.

To create a productive society whereby all individuals are empowered to realize their full potential through maximizing their talents and abilities. We believe in making a positive and measurable difference in business and personal lives of others.


We are a Business Coaching and Consulting Services Firm Dedicated to the Success of small and medium sized businesses interested in attaining all their business goals, and creating a balanced life with a practical result driven, step by step action plan strategies through, education, planning, encouragement and accountability. 


                                                                          Why Business Coaching and Consulting?



People often decide to start their own small business because they’ve discovered a niche area that they’ve got expertise in or that gives them particular joy, and they want the flexibility of not having to work every day.

Unfortunately, for most small business owners, something else happens when they start their business. They work more to keep the business afloat, they have less time with friends and family, and they start to hate their work or business, making them regret starting it in the first place.


They want this to stop, but it’s not easy to overcome all those challenges. However, with some Small Business Coaching and Small Business consulting, it’s possible. It’s possible to overcome any owner’s challenges faster with the expertise, advice and strategies implemented during a Business coaching and Business Consulting session from a Q six Business Consultant and Business Coach.


Business owners who are struggling with the above can find answers to these challenges and any others they may be dealing with. Business Consulting helps owners overcome any challenge with personalised instruction and goal setting. With a Q-Six small business coaching, and Business Consulting  session, a Business coach, and Business consultant can then help an owner become accountable and really take “Action,” and begin to run the small business they’ve always dreamed of running.


Small and medium sized Business Coaching, Business Consulting can take a business to the next level by:


  • Getting the answers you need

  • Reaching your business goals faster

  • Achieve the results you want, and slowly achieve even better results

  • Start working on, not in your small business

  • Owning a small or medium sized business doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone. The Q-six Business Group provides the expertise to help you navigate that road securely.