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We work with Contractors, Builders, and 'Trades' interested in DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or QUADRUPLING THEIR PROFITS.

So, what exactly does Q Six Business Growth Coaching do?


Trade and Construction Business TODAY?



Are your lack of onsite and office systems holding you back?  Is your business stuck in your head?  Are you constantly fixing mistakes instead of working on improving your business?  Are you behind the times with technology?


Do you have up and down cash flow?  Do you understand the key numbers that drive your business?  Are you pricing for the right margins and back costing your jobs?  Do you have a set of monthly key performance indicators?


Are you spending hours quoting or pricing work for time wasters or slow payers?  Do you know your sales conversion rates?  Do you have a clear written sales process to increase sales conversions and margins?


Do your guys need constant hand holding?  Are you reluctant to hire because you’ve been burnt in the past or don’t have a decent process to follow?  Are you struggling to attract decent tradesmen, management or office people?


Do you stress about your guys running out short on work?  Are you working with difficult, low profit clients because you lack a system to get new clients?  Are you generating 20 to 30 jobs per month from your on-line marketing?


Feeling out of control and overwhelmed and need a clear action plan?  Are you too busy to work on your business?  Do you have a clear vision for your business and lifestyle?

Contact us today for your free 30 minute Business Discovery call. 873-664-6282

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  • Pricing systems to ensure you achieve the right margins and save time pricing?

  • Monthly Key Performance Indicators to improve cash flow and profits?

  • Onsite and Office systems to reduce call backs, mistakes and save you time?

  • Proven sales systems to win more quotes and stop working with time wasters?

  • A marketing plan that gives you consistent and reliable work flow?

  • A hiring process to get good tradesmen and tools to improve productivity?

  • Business templates and systems proven over and over to get new clients

  • Contact us today for your free 30 minute Business Discovery call. 403-714-5944

We allow Construction Business owners to LIVE THE DREAM.

Every construction business owner starts out with the same dream of being your own boss, having the free time to do what you want and having money.

Now, you’ve experienced some success growing your business, but what happened to your dream? That dream is forgotten because your business took over your life.

Because you learned a trade, but no one taught you how to run a business.


We Train You to Run Your Business

A successful business is a highly profitable business that runs on its own without taking up all of the owners time.

The biggest problems we solve for our clients…

» Your business takes up all of your time. You have no time for family or vacation.

» You can’t find good people, and when you do, they don’t stay.

» Your business makes money, but you wish it was more profitable and provided financial security for your family and employees.

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