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  Introducing Normand Burke MBA , E.P.C , I.A.


My Name is Normand Burke and I’m a Certified Professional Business Coach and owner of The Q Six Business Group Inc. and Q Six Business Growth Coaching, with over 25 years worth of business Experience.

I help company's Earn an Extra 10k in 90 days Guaranteed.

I’ll DOUBLE YOUR MONEY, TRIPLE YOUR PROFIT, and QUADRUPLE YOUR VACATION, using plain speaking, sleeves rolled up hard work, guaranteed results & work/life balance.

I am committed to every client's success.

Normand’s BIO and my WHY:

 My Goal is to enable every person and business I meet to become more successful. Guaranteed.

• Before becoming a business coach, I took over a retail company and in just one year took it from losing money to earning over $1,500,000 in profit. So, I understand a thing or two about finding hidden profits. And now I currently coach the owners of privately held, family owned businesses and I help them grow their profits by at least 68% or more guaranteed, and build teams to help run the business for them so they can get some time back for themselves.

I started my business to work with Contractors, Builders, and Tradesmen interested in DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or QUADRUPLING THEIR PROFITS. who have been in business for several years or as a start-up and are feeling like a servant to their business, they’re spinning their wheels and are overwhelmed by all their responsibilities. Together we look at ways to leverage your business, and increase your bottom line so that you live a life of more joy, balance and less stress. How I do this is with the following :

•I work with clients in 4 main areas. The areas are time, team, money and competitiveness.

  1. •In area one, time, I assist clients in reducing the number of hours their working in their business and start working on the business and also freeing up more of their personal time so they can live a life of more joy, balance and less stress.

  2. •The second thing that I do is assist them on how to hire and keep great staff and make them more productive, build better teams, attract and retain better team mates and employees.

  3. •The third thing that I do is assist my clients to increase revenues and profitability with the best tried and tested strategies.

  4. •And the last way in which I assist my clients is to create a competitive edge in the marketplace.

• I will educate clients in world class marketing and business development techniques.


• Our products and services will be of the highest quality, value for money, and weather sourced from within or the company or externally will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective training methodologies available.

• Over the course of my career in Communications, the Banking Industry, Finance, Investment Advising, Real estate, and as a Business Coach and Consultant, I have worked with a wide range of clients, from Contractors, Builders, and Tradesmen to self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses . My work has been featured widely in the media in local papers, and featured nationally on Be the Boss.Ca,, and we are featured as the number 9 best coaching and consulting business in Calgary for 2022


• Allow me to assist you in taking a giant leap toward success, while achieving all of your business and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Call or Email me now personally.   1-873-664-6282 and or

Book me now at

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